15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Ex!

You broke up a few days, weeks or years ago and although generally you are ok, sometimes you get these feelings and you just can not stop wondering ” Should I Text Him?“. But please just don’t text your ex yet and here is 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Ex :

Should I Text Him?

  1. When you broke up you had a good reason for doing so and although now you seem to forget the differences that you had the minute you go back everything will come up to the surface again.
  2. People can change, actually they can not, yes they can improve but they can not change. So if you believe that the time that you spend apart helped him think all the mistakes he made and he is now a totally different person think again. He may have improved but remember that people do not change overnight.
  3. He broke up with you and you want revenge. Please move on, although you may want to go back and hurt him the same way he did do not waste any more of your valuable time, remember life goes on and you need to do the same.
  4. Your friends could not be happier when you announced your break up. They are your friends, they love you and they want the best for you so do not be angry if they started partying the moment you told them that you broke up, probably they have good reasons for been that happy. So please take their advice and don’t text him.
  5. You do not really want to text him but you have not found anyone else ever since. That is not a good reason to text him, there are hundred of single people out there ready to fall in love and you are wasting your time with a story that has ended. If you think that your social cycle is limited then start with online dating sites.
  6. You did not share the same interests. Cause of that life was really boring, most of the times he could not understand why you were so passionate with your interests. On the other hand you could not care less of what he was doing in his free time.
  7. Be honest with yourself you actually did not know him that well and you never really wanted to learn anything more about his past life, his family and so on.
  8. You never really loved him. Yes you had an amazing time with him but you never loved him, it just didn’t happen. You broke up with him because you wanted to found the love of your life and now you really think to go back to him?
  9. You miss the fact that you will return to a familiar place, where you will feel comfortable and safe. But on the other hand please pay a visit to your mother you will feel the same and even better.
  10. You just want to see if he is ok. And if he isn’t what are you going to do? Are you going to comfort him and give him your love? Not really, you just want to see if he is suffering because you are not together. So please grow up and let him take his path.
  11. You had so many things in common, yes but on the other hand you broke up and that means that maybe you had few differences but they were important enough so as not to be together anymore.
  12. You made a mistake. Did you? Or is it because you feel insecure and you want to go back to the person that makes you feel safe and loved? But on the other hand you asked him to broke up so please take a moment and remind yourself why you broke up with him.
  13. He cheated on you, although in the beginning you were so hurt no you have a more logical approach and you believe that there was a mistake that only happened once so because you love him you have to forgive him and try again. On the other hand let me remind you that he actually cheated on you and he may do it again and even if he doesn’t do it again every time that he will be out with his friends you will feel insecure.
  14. He is dating another girl and you feel jealous. In many cases it is hard when one part has moved on and the other hasn’t. It arises feelings of betrayal when it should not, he was just be able to put the feelings that he had or hadn’t aside and move on. So please do the same, there are so many free people out there ready to fall in love and meet the love of their life.
  15. You are confused. You know that you broke up with him for all the right reasons but on the other hand you can not stop thinking about him. You are not sure if you did the right think and you believe that you should see him again and then you will be able to clear your feelings. But you may have to think if it is right for him to drag him to the past just because you are not sure.

If you have read the 15 Reasons You Shouldn’t Text Your Ex and you still want to text him then we wish you luck and hope for the best.


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