Who Will I Marry? Take The Quiz

Have you ever thought if the guy that you are dating is the right one to marry? According to a recent survey 70% of the girls have consider if there boyfriend is the ideal gut to get married in the first few months of the relationship. But the big question is are you compatible, is he going to be the one that you can share your life and dreams with? Is he the love of your life? If you have doubts don’t wait and longer! Take the following quiz and answer sincerely to the questions below, then ask him to answer the questions as well and compare your results,  if you match in most questions then he may be the love of your life!

  1. What do you love about me?
  2. What do you hate about me?
  3. How would you feel if you didn’t see me for a few weeks?
  4. Do you believe in eternal love?
  5. Do you think we have a future together?
  6. What is the appropriate age in order to get married?
  7. What is the secret for keeping our love for as long as we live?
  8. Do you think that we can grow old together?
  9. Have you ever thought of us getting married?
  10. What is your ideal place to get married?
  11. How many time should a couple have spent before considering marriage?
  12. Do you want to have a closed with only few friends and family or an open marriage with a big wedding reception?
  13. Do you want a traditional wedding or a modern one?
  14. Do you want a simple wedding or a luxury one?
  15. Who plays the most important role, family or friends in the wedding ceremony?
  16. Who should propose me or you?
  17. What is the secret for keeping our love for as long as we live?
  18. Where would you go for your honeymoon?
  19. Do you like kids?
  20. How many children do you want?

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