What Do You Mean? Is Everything Unclear?

But seriously make up your mind cause I can not understand what do you mean!


What Do You Mean? Is Everything Unclear?From The Love Experts!

A few days ago I was listening to “What do you mean” by Justin Bieber and I start wondering how many times I wanted to address the same question to one of my old boyfriends and how many of my friends have experienced the same thing. Justin Bieber has found himself in such a difficult place where the love of his life is sending him mixed signals. Although she is telling him yes she is also telling him no, she doesn’t want them to be together but she is not willing to let him move on and fall in love again, she wants them to be together but can not overcome what has happened in the past. At one moment she is happy and next she is complaining. She is trying to explain how she is feeling but in the end she can not and she finds herself captured in between. She want to just surrender to his love but she is finding herself arguing all day long. On the other hand, he understands that the love is there and that although he has made a few hundred mistakes he is willing to give it a try but the other part, the love of his life, well she needs to make up her mind. She needs to decide if she can forgives him and move on together or whether she can not forgive him and although it would be heart broken for both of them maybe it is time to move on and search for love in different people. But is it so easy to do that? Apparently not, cause as Selena says “The heart wants what it wants” and that means that although with our logical approach we know that it would be better to put an end in these relationship we can not cause our heart wants otherwise and is not willing to forget how it has felt in the past.

These is a modern fairytale for both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and maybe it will have a happy ending or not it is a really important lesson for the rest of us. How many times we have found ourselves in these not that pleasant position of in between? And why is it so difficult to move on and accept that what has happened belongs in the past? Unfortunately  99% of people have at least once felt like that in the past and most likely they will experience the same feeling in the future. It is that even if you want to move something is keeping you back. But is it love what is keeping you back or is something not as deep as love but the need to be the centre of attention and our human side of not been able to accept that we won’t be the most important person in someones life that it is not leaving us to move on and let the other person as well continue his life. Is it just the egoistic side of us or is it something deeper that we are recognising in such situations?

Well these can be one of the most difficult question that we need to answer. If we really love our partner and we think that he is the love of our life then we have an obligation to us and to him. Our obligations is to be happy and in order to be happy we need to make a swift from the loving departure to the relationship departure. In the loving and romantic departure our partner is not allowed to make any mistakes otherwise he will ruin the fairy tale that we have created. In the relationship department we know that it is not human not to make mistakes and it is not right to expect something like that from our partner and ourselves. These pressure that we had been putting to both parts of the relationship needs to go. Cause real relationships are all about making mistakes, hurt and be able to love again and again. So if you want to start, then start from there. Now you have to answer a different questions do we have the willing, the courage, the strength, the presence of mind to do so? Can we escape from the fairytale and land to a real love story?

If we choose yes then we will have to find the courage, the strength and the love to forgive both us and him, cause we will have to accept that we both made mistakes that is why we came to that position. We must make a decision that what happened in the past will stay in the past and from our common life till now all we need to carry is the love and the good moments. With these two we will be able to continue and have a bright future. Cause unfortunately you can not just cover the things that they have hurt you in the past, you may be able to do that for a little while but in the long run you will not be happy and in the end we only live once and life is too short to waste precious time. Cause in the end love is all we need, if we have that we have everything and we can live a happy life.  No matter how hard is to forgive and forget, these is our only way to happiness. Otherwise we will continue to be in between and we will continue to pretend to be happy.

Don’t forget that life is a journey to love and till we get there we live in the meantime trying to learn how we can reach love and be happy and that will take all the strength, courage and love that we can have. So if you want to say sorry, just find the strength to say sorry and try your best otherwise you may find yourself regretting.


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