5 Tips To Make The First Move

Cause we are confident women and we should definitely make the first move!

Sometimes we just see someone that we can not take our eyes and our mind of him and then there is this agony, should I talk to him, should I be the one to make the first move? And the answer is simple, it is Yes! Life is too short to not take any chances to be happy. You are a confident women that every man would feel lucky to meet and with a little help you can make an amazing first impression! So wait no longer and learn all the tricks from the love experts on how to make the first move!!

make the first move

Tip No 1: Look at him more than once. The first step for someone to understand that you like him is to have eye contact. If you keep looking at him and smiling he will understand that something is going on there and if he smiles back then you definitely know that he is interesting in you as well. You see how easy it is the first step is over! Congrats and lets continue with the following tip.

Tip No 2:Say the magic words. And by that I mean just talk to him, go there, smile and say something general like “With my friends it is the first time that we came in this bar and I was wondering if they have a signature cocktail.” It is something so general and so perfect for the first talk that nobody will understand that you just made the first move that in order to meet him. Besides if it does not go ok then you can just thank him and leave. See nothing to loose but plenty to gain, your confidence will be boosted and maybe it will be an amazing story in the future for how you and him met.

Tip No3: Make him feel good. This will loosen him up and he will be more open and flirty with you. Be interested in what he does and let him lead the conversation. Cause although men likes dynamic girls they also want to feel that they are in control. So give him the space and confidence to saw you his amazing personality.

Tip No 3: Be physical. You are now close to him, only a few steps away from him so start limiting the physical space between you. This may be something obvious or surprising for you, but it is important in the limited time that you may have to create a friendly atmosphere and there is nothing better than a physical contact so take a small step by for example touching his hand as you talk to him.

Tip No 4: Seduce him. Body language is extremely important in flirting! It is the way you smile or the way that you touched him or look at him that will make him think of you in a different way. Sometimes it help to imply something like ” It was so nice to meet you it is not often that you meet such an interesting guy”. By that you are not only imply that you were really happy to meet him but it would be also nice if you meet him again.

Tip No 5: Be down to earth regarding your goals. Your goal is to meet the guy that you are interested in and not to spend days, weeks or months wondering what could have happened if you made the first step. So if you have succeed in making the first step then you have completed your goal successfully and you should be really happy for that. Hopefully this move may lead to a successful date but if not remember that your goal was to actually make the first move and you should feel happy that you manage to know him and that you will not waste any more time wondering what may happen.

Tip No 6: Stay positive. Sometimes it takes time for someone to realise that he is interested for the other person and maybe that is the case with you two. So as long as you have done your best and you have give it a try you should stay positive cause it is a matter of time to meet the man of your dreams.


Wish you luck, put your sexy smile and just make the first move!!





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