Taking You For Granted? Follow The 8 Rules!

You have been dating for quite a long time now and you are really falling in love with him but during the last couple of weeks you feel like he doesn’t pay the attention he used to. You feel that he is not there when you talk to him in other words you feel that he takes you for granted. Although you love him, you don’t feel happy in the way your relationship is turning so take control of the situation, follow the 10 rules and make him stop taking you for granted.
1. Start ignoring him. As you may already know men have a big ego and hit there ego will make him so insecure that in a really short time he will start chasing you. Start by delaying answering to his text messages and continue with cancelling some scheduled dates. After a few times he will start noticing that he is not anymore the centre of your world and you do not response to him they way that you used to, that will definitely shake him and these will be the first step of reversing the situation.
2. Go out with your friends and not just go out, have fun and enjoy the girl power. Your friends have always been there for you in the good and bad days, they are there to comfort you when you are feeling blue and have fun with you when you want to party. Just because you are in a relationship it does not mean that you are allowed to forget and neglect them. Try to see them every now and then, it will boost your confidence and will be such a nice break from a relationship that you are not getting the attention you deserve.
3. Let him miss you. Stop been there 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, besides you have a lovely life and quite a few interests. Don’t be the first to call or text and don’t make him your first priority when you wake up. Give him space and time to miss you and give yourself time and space to miss him and think through your relationship. In the meantime start enjoying your free time by doing something nice for yourself and try to take a break from the whole situation by stop looking all the time at your mobile phone and try to be focused to what you are doing at that time.
4. Stop making him a part of your routine. In many cases people tend to stay in a relationship to because they are having an amazing time and they love there partner but because they are used to that, it is a part of their daily routine and without these part they do not know what to do. So what you need to do is break the routine cause you really want to be with someone you really love and feel loved and share a lovely relationship with him and not because you are unwilling to leave your comfort zone. So start with small steps, if for example that means that were going out with your partner every Saturday for drinks then this Saturday arrange something different with your friends, embrace a different experience or even stay at home, relax and give yourself sometime to relax and take time to think about where you are and where you want to go with your life and if your partner is or should be part of your plans.
5. Life it is too short and remember You Only Live Once. It is true life is so short to waste it with things that does not really matter and with people that they do not appreciate us. We need to find people and be focused to things that have a positive impact in our lives in order for us to be happy. So if he isn’t the man that you dreamed of or he doesn’t cover your emotional needs don’t waste anymore of your precious time from love and just move on with your life cause in the end you will find love.
6. Be super active in your social, and not only in your social media but in your social life as well. Try to meet new people, embrace new experiences and be super active in your social media. Share your moments with other people that will remind you of the amazing time that you are having. Post photos of your night out with your friends and show him what he miss and remind yourself how amazing life can be.
7. Take care of yourself. Maybe you have a hard time and you feel depressed and you do not feel like taking care of your body and your hair and makeup but that is actually the opposite what you should do. Cause there are all connected if you are taking care of yourself and for example put some make up automatically you will feel better and that will reflect in your personality therefore cause you will send positive vibes other people will be friendlier with you and automatically you will interact with them and eventually you will feel better. Beside in the end of the day what it is left is ourself so take care of you, you totally deserve it.
8. Set your limits. No matter how amazing your partner is it is always a good idea to set your limits from the beggining if not then start now. So if you feel like yo do not want to do something then make it clear and explain to your partner the reasons you don’t fell like doing something with him or for him. Stop pressuring yourself and put new rules in your relationship, rules that will make you feel comfortable and happy.
Follow the above rules and you will see that life is amazing and it would be a pity to waste it with someone that he takes you for granted and do not respect the person that he is with. Remember you deserve to be happy!

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