Is He More Than Just Your Friend? See The 17 Signs!

You thought that he was your best friend! How could you not? He was always there for you and you had so much fun when you were together, you used to talk to him about everything, your biggest fears,future plans, your job and girlfriends but the last few weeks you keep wondering if he is just your best friend or if he is into you! The love experts show you the signs and answers you if  he is more than just your friend!

Is He More Than Just Your Friend? See The 17 Signs!-2

  1. He is always makes plans with just the two of you. It was weird but you never thought of it till now but whenever you are together it is just you and him, he never invites other people and the time you mention it he just changed the subject!
  2. He always remember the little things. Whether that is your favourite chocolate or music and he is always finding the best way to surprise you.
  3. He is the first to say happy birthday to you. He is always the first person to wish you in your birthday whether that is by texting or calling you just after midnight or surprise you with a present. You are always on his mind and it seems like you are his favourite person in the whole world.
  4. He never talks about women. Although you are always mentioning guys that you find attractive he always change subject when you ask him about his personal relationships and although you are absolutely sure that he has been dating you can not understand why he is hiding his personal life from you.
  5. No one is good enough for you. He has met quite a few of the people that you have been dating but it seems like no one is good enough for him and although he is not saying that directly he is always implying things that makes you have second thoughts about the guys that you are dating.
  6. You are having romantic dates. He is always taking you out in romantic places that you wish you have been there with your boyfriend and whenever you mention him that he is always finding excuses like he had just read about that place and he wanted to check it out and so on.
  7. You have met his entire family and by that we do not mean just his close family. You have been invited for dinner quite a few times by his family and you seem to know everyone from his first cousin to his mum friends and although in the beginning you thought that his family was open now you are wondering how come no other of his friends are never invited.
  8. He is calling you many times per day and the funny part is that you think is something natural. But he is not your boyfriend and your best girlfriend is not calling you that often. Maybe it is time to admit it that there is something going on there.
  9. You are cuddling a lot. And trust me that it not so common between friends and again ask yourself a question do you cuddle that much with your other friends and if the answer is not maybe it is time to go to the next question is he really my friend?
  10. He is an open book to you when for the other people he is really close. It is just he is feeling really comfortable you keep saying to yourself but is it really just that or he feels that you are a very special person in his life.
  11. He is flirty with you. It is the way he looks at you some times or what he says and you can realise that he is more than just your friend but on the other hand you keep wondering what if he is just to friendly then please ask yourself a different question is he like that with all his friends?
  12. He is doing so many things for you. His number one priority is to please you and he does everything in order for you to be happy even if that means that he will put an extra effort for that.
  13. He is finding excuses to meet you. You are actually meeting him more than a couple times per week, he is actually the one person that you are meeting more than any other of your friends. And how could you he is always available when you want to go out and he is always invite you out before any of your friends have the chance to.
  14. He is making future plans that involves you. Whether that is future holidays or moving to a different place you are always in his plans and he finds you ways to follow his plans and the amazing thing is that you are seriously thinking about that.
  15. He never refers to you as his friend. Whenever he introduces you he never refers to you as his friend he just refers to you by your name and it seems almost like he is introducing you as his girlfriend cause maybe that is what it is on his mind.
  16. He asks you about your past but he never refers to his own. He just want to learn every detail about your previous relationships, why you broke up, what you are looking in your partner, what would be the ideal date for you and so on. But although he wants to learn all these details he is not willing to share his past, whenever you refer to it he finds ways to change the subject.
  17. He gets angry when someone is flirting with you. Although you never noticed it before cause you always talked about your past you noticed that once a guy tried to make a move to you in from of him he got angry and in order not to show he asked you to leave together. Unless someone is really into you he will be jealous when someone else makes a move cause he feels threatened by him.

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