Is Your Bestfriend Into Your Boyfriend? See The Signs!

In the last couple of weeks one question is coming up constantly “Is your best friend into your boyfriend? And you can not make up your mind if she is.

Is Your Bestfriend Into Your Boyfriend? See The Signs!

Friendship is one of the most important virtues in a girls life. She is the one that you tell all your secrets, you share every experience, you go out shopping, get drunk, have fun in other words she is your everything. You can not imagine life without her, cause you friendship means everything to you and you never thought that you could be in a fight with her until now. At first you did not even want to think about it, once it came into your mind you refused to even think about it even for one minute. Cause how could she, you know her forever and that betrayal could not even cross on your mind. But then the signs where so many that you could not help that noticing that something was there and that it was not just a story in your mind.

  1. Facebook friends. The one minute you went on a date with him and the next she send him a request of Facebook without them been properly introduced and when her friends are under 200 people you can not imagine why she was so eager to be his friend.
  2. She Likes every post. Within seconds that he post something she likes and comment it, not even you are keeping up with all his social activity but on the other hand she does. When you meet she even comments on you what he has done and it is shocking how many things she knows.
  3. She thinks that he is no good for you. Every time you talk to her she doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell you how against she is in this relationship, it is as if she really wants you to break up with him and whenever she is not opposed it is her look that stops you for telling her how you feel about him and do not want to share the happy moments and on the other hand your doubts about him.
  4. She went out with him. You never really realised how that happened the one minute you were on the phone with her and the next she went out with him to talk about your relationship and advice him. But she was supposed to be your friend and she should have asked you if you were ok with that and if that was not enough she didn’t even mention it but he told you what happened. When you asked her she pretend it like it was something completely natural. Well girl I have news for you, it is not!
  5. She is always talking about him. Sometimes it makes you wonder if you are in a relationship with him or she is. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to express her positive feelings about him but are you missing something here? She has never express herself like that before even when referring to her own boyfriend.
  6. She is friend with his friends. And as if all this was not enough now she goes out with his friends as well so no opportunity to be alone with his friends and you are starting to fell like you are the outsider and not her. Now his friends like her and it is really difficult to do anything about it.
  7. She is texting him. You did not realise how close those two have become until you saw that she was texting him and then enough is enough took a different meaning in your life. He reacted like it was something completely natural as they are friends now and as she is your best friend and he could not realised why you were so jealous and on the other hand she didn’t denied it and she told you that you were overacting. Now you feel that you are trapped in this weird situation, on the one hand if you say something they will think that you are just jealous and on the other hand if you don’t say anything you will fell like you are such a looser. Well difficult situation but what is better than tell her how you feel after all she is supposed to be your best friend and she should want your happiness on whatever cost. After all your friendship is everything for her as well, or not?
  8. She buys him gifts. You can not even remember when was the last time she bought something for you and then you are all going out and she has a present for him, something she just saw on the stores and she thought that he would like. But isn’t that a behaviour of a girlfriend and to make things worst he absolutely loved it.
  9. She broke up with her boyfriend and she went out with him. Cause she wanted a male view regarding her break up but why you could not go out the three of you and she could still have the male point of you that it was so important for her.
  10. They spend the night together. You left early the previous night from the party and the next morning you found out that they continue partying until the first hours and because it was too late he stayed at her place. Well I am afraid that both your friendship and your relationship are ending now.

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