Is He Going To Break Up With You? See The Signs!

Is he going to break up with you? In the last few weeks you can feel that things are not the way they used to, he is distant and you know that something is going on. But is this the end of your relationship or it is something different, maybe something else is going on in his life that he is not yet comfortable to share to with you. From the love experts Is he going to break up with you? See the signs and prepare yourself.

  1. He is not there anymore. Whenever you are going out he does not pay attention on what you say or do. He is always texting or into his social media and he seems to be extremely busy the whole time you are together.
  2. He has stop calling you baby and of course he doesn’t say that he loves you anymore. You feel like he is just your friend whenever you talk to him, a guy from your past.
  3. He is not calling you. The last weeks he has stopped calling you, if you do not call him maybe days will pass that you will not communicate with each other and although this has not happen yet you fear that if you stop calling him you will not speak again.
  4. He is making plans without you. Whenever you call him he is out with his friends and guess what he has not invited you. Although he is finding excuses that it was a last minute thing you just can not ignore the fact that you have not been out with his friends for quite a long time now.
  5. You are not going out anymore. He never ask you out and whenever you suggest to meet up he is always finding excuses in order not to meet you.
  6. Is He Going To Break Up With You? See The Signs!

  7. You are not going out with his friends. Every time you go out with him it is going to be either just the two of you or with just your friends. Whenever you ask him about that he just change the subject.
  8. He does not include you in his future plan. Whenever he refers in the future it is just him or him and his friends it feels like he knows that his future is not with you. You miss the days when the future was us instead of I.
  9. Fighting is the new way of communication. Whenever you are discussing you are ending up fighting, it seems like he is expecting you to just say the wrong words in order the fight to start. You can not even remember when was the last time you had a nice conversation that you both enjoyed and that didn’t end up as a big fight.
  10. You don’t feel like a couple anymore. You wish things were as they used to, when you two were inseparable and you felt love and happy but these days are long gone and you do not feel close to him anymore.
  11. You don’t have a sexual relationship anymore. You remember that in the beginning of your relationship all you wanted was stay inside and just be together and  that he kept texting you all day long and just couldn’t wait in order to meet you and make love to you. But now been together has become so rare that you can not even remember the last time you were together.
  12. He started taking his things from your house. In the begging of your relationship he was always bringing personal things in order to feel like home whenever he stayed over but now he is finding excuses and he has start taking his things one by one.
  13. He is super active in social media. Whenever you check his profile he is always super active and spending a lot of time in the social media something that he didn’t like to do in the past plus he is making new friends in Facebook and the biggest percent is female friends. I am afraid that you are really close in breaking up.
  14. He is asking you for some time alone. He said that he is confused and that he wants so time in order to clear thing out, not good news at all cause whatever is happening in his life you can help and support him if he is in love with you.
  15. New friends in town. He is often go out alone with new friends and you are not included, but isn’t it strange that he is meeting all these new people when he doesn’t have the time because he is extremely busy to be with you?
  16. It is just that feeling. Nothing has changed but you can feel that on the other hand something has changed in his behaviour maybe it is the way he looks at you or the way he kiss you, you just know that it is not the same and you just hate that feeling.

Love experts are here to help you with any love problem that you have. If you see the signs prepare yourself and try to stay positive. Remember true love is waiting for you.

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