He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not?

You have been in love with him since the first time that your eyes met, he is so perfect. You just can not think of a better match for you and the first few weeks of your relationship is like a paradise. But the question that is keep popping in your head is “He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not”.

he loves me

Everyone thinks that he is crazy for you but the only way to be sure about his love is to take the following quiz that the love experts have so carefully created especially for you! Do not wait any longer and stop feeling stressed, read the signs and give an answer to the big question He Loves Me? He Loves me not!

  1. He knows you favourite song and he has put it in his playlist as well. He is such a romantic guy and definitely a keeper. He is one of this guys that will do the extra mile in order to please you and make you feel loved. The answer to “He Loves Me? Is yes he does!
  2. He is always picking romantic movies that knows that they are your favourite although he hates them. Again nothing more romantic than that, it is so important for the future of the relationship the parts to be willing to follow the wants of their siblings. Such actions does not only saw love but also saw a guy ready to commit and take his relationship to a whole new level.
  3. He buys you flowers. Flowers can just make your day and also can reveal a very romantic and sensitive soul. So if you are a romantic girl this guy is for you! And the question to the really important question “He loves me?” Well the answer is probably yes and especially if the flowers that he buys you are your favourite ones.
  4. He is always surprising you. One of the most amazing elements in a relationship is to surprise your other half constantly, that will not only bring again the spark the in your relationship but will also give you the chance to reveal different elements of your personality.  So “He loves me?” You bet he does otherwise he would not be willing to leave his comfort zone and try to explore new things with you!
  5. He is planning romantic holidays for just the two of us. This guy really loves you and any women would want to be in your position! You have an amazing partner and you will definitely be happy with him. A romantic getaway will not only make you fall in love deeper but it will also be an amazing opportunity to be close with your other half and create amazing memories.
  6. He always smile when you are smiling. It is because you make him happy and for him see you happy means the world to him. This reveals a guy so much in love that would do anything for his special one.
  7. He is sharing everything with you. If you find a guy that he is willing to share everything with you then you have found a diamond and you better understand how precious and rare that is. You have found a guy that he is willing to share his life, his dreams and his love with you. That he is so much in love with you that he thinks that he has found his other hand, the love of his life. Be careful though cause his expectations of this relationship is going to be really high.
  8. He can not sleep if he is not holding you. Is it cause he has found his princess or because he is too insecure? If you are his princess that is so romantic and you may have found your Romeo. In case he is insecure then you will have to work on your relationship in order for him to realise that he can be on his own and be happy but he prefers to be with you cause you are just amazing and he loves you!
  9. He has introduce you to his friends. Girl this is the step one to be a part of his life! Usually the guys that are eager to introduce their girl to their friends are the people that see their relationship seriously and they want to welcome their other half in their life by introducing them to the closest persons in their life. Do not forget that guys are guys and they want to get the final the approval of their friends, so try to be friendly and leave them with a good impression. So the answer to “He Love Me? Is yes you have good chances on that!
  10. He has introduce you to his family. Well you relationship is really important for him otherwise he would not even considering introducing you to his family. So the answer to “He Love Me? You bet he does! But just to be sure try to find out if it is something that he was doing with all his girlfriends, if so do not be stressed take it as a good opportunity to find out more things for him.

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