8 Rules For The First Sleepover

After all your romantic and passionate dates the time has come that you are going to spend the night at his place, your first sleepover. Except of being excited for that big night you are really worried on how this is going to turn up for you and your boyfriend. On the one hand you have great expectations for this night after all is going to be omg your first night together what possible could go wrong. On the other hand you afraid that everything can go wrong.. maybe he doesn’t like to cuddle you or maybe you would say something inappropriate, should I kiss him goodnight, be romantic or cool, be natural or plan everything? And as this questions are going on and on and time pass by you feel so stressed.

But there is nothing to worry about just follow our survivor kit for the first sleep over and let love do the rest.

8 Rules For The First Sleepover-2

1. Just bring the basic. It is your first night together and you want to look at your best not only upon your arrival but also during the night and the morning after. But please try to put everything in a small bag in order for him not to be frightened that you are not ready just to spend your night there but also you are prepared to move as well.

2. Dress sexy for the night and comfortable in the morning. For the moment you will arrive at his place you just want him not to able to take his eyes from you so what is better than to wear something sexy that will boost your confidence and will make him come closer to you. But the next morning when you will wake up you just want to have something comfortable to wear that will make you look nice and feel relaxed. You do not want to be overdressed but you still want to look nice and beautiful so select the outfit that will provide you with such confidence.

3. Prepare yourself for the big night but do not plan every single detail. You are both there to relax and have fun so stop thinking that something will go wrong cause in the end you are not going to have fun and you will remember that night as the one that you were too stressed to party.

4. Do not criticise his place. Try to stay away from commenting his personal space cause that will make him feel uncomfortable and will ruin your night. Try to keep in mind that you are different people and you may have a different taste and that is actually good.

5. Feel comfortable but not too comfortable.  Men are usually scared when someone feels really quickly comfortable at their place cause they immediately feel that there freedom and their personal space is been threatened so try to find the right balance in order for both of you to be happy. Try to feel relaxed but also have in mind that it is your first sleepover and therefore you need to try and give both of you some space.

6. You do not have to be flawless. Men doesn’t pay attention to every single detail that we think it is important they just want you to have an amazing time as well and be relaxed. So do not worry whether you hair are perfect in the morning and do not rush to put on some makeup cause they simple do not care all they want is to hug you and give you a big kiss. So try to be relaxed and enjoy your sleepover.

7. Let him ask you to stay. It is your first sleepover so the next morning can be either the most romantic morning you have ever experienced or a quite uncomfortable one for both of you. Either way as you are his guest you need to let him decide what you are going to do the morning after. So do not propose anything and let him saw you how he really feels.

8. Text him? It depends on how you feel as love doesn’t have rules but on the other hand let him do the first step again. Let him process how you made him feel and let him text you and reveal his intentions of where your relationship is heading at.





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