Dating Tips: 10 Ways To Make Him Think About You!

So you just came back from your date and you simple can not get him out of your mind. It seems like your mobile is your new best friend and every few seconds you check if he contacted with you in any way Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS and so on.  And as the minutes and hours pass by the big question pops up: Is he going to text me or not? But have you followed our dating tips? Follow the 10 rules now and get ready for your date!

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Dating Tip No.1: Smile, smile, smile. Nobody wants a girl that never smiles unless you are Victoria Beckham. So if your middle name is not Posh just start smiling and create a positive vibe or in other words just put a sexy smile and seduce him. Remember creating a positive vibe will not only help him fell more comfortable but you as well as it will boost your confidence and positive you in order to have an amazing time that can lead to ..anything you want!

Dating Tip No. 2: Dress up sexy but not too sexy. Wear what makes you look and feel more sexy but also comfortable and confident, whether that is a tight skirt or a revealing top that will make him not be able to control himself and stop thinking of you. But remember never to over do and always remember to feel comfortable and loose in the outfit that you will choose. Cause in the end confident women are always sexy and knows how to have fun.

Dating Tip No. 3: For the date your favorite color will be red! Wear your red lipstick or have a red manicure. There is nothing sexier than a women in red lipstick and or manicure. Red details can be that little thing that will make him not be able to stop thinking about you after your date. So buy a new lipstick or wear your favorite one and get ready to seduce him.

Dating Tip No. 4: Be interesting, talk about the things that you love and care and try to give him a hint of your amazing personality. You are an amazing person so show him what he is going to miss if he doesn’t make the right moves. After all “You are a star ready to shine” and you deserve to be happy, do not ever forget that.

Dating Tip No 5: Offer to share the bill. There is nothing sexier for a man than a strong independent woman that is taking care of herself. If he doesn’t want to share the bill don’t insist just smile, thank him and propose the next one to be on you. After all if you want to see him again what better way can you find to propose a second date.

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Dating Tip No. 6: Don’t ask him about his past. We all have a past and actually past belongs to the past, so lets keep it that way and create a future that includes you and him. After all it is a new relationship and you want to give it its chances and not to bring old stories on the surface. So try to be focused in your shared future and besides you don’t really want him to start talking about his ex do you?

Dating Tip No. 7: Drink as much as it is necessary to relax, unlock yourself and have fun. Nothing is sexier than a women ready to be adventures after a few drinks but try to keep in mind not to have too many cause in the end you should be relaxed not drunk and for the biggest percentage of guys a drunk girl can be such a turn off especially if they were thinking on asking her on a second date.

Dating Tip No. 8: Be interested in his life but remember to be polite and district as you would like to be him as well. Ask him questions about his life, believes and what he loves and also what he dislikes. Although men don’t like to talk they love women that they are interested on them.  And on the other hand they hate women that can not stop talking and they are concentrate on themselves, so give him the space and time to unlock himself and start talking about his interests and reveal his lovely personality.

Dating Tip No. 10: Switch off your phone. I know that you are actually connected to your phone 24/7 but please go back in time to these decades where phones did not exist and forget that you have a phone. It is a really turn off for your date to watch you connected with your phone and besides you are there to have fun with him.

Love, dating tips

10 Ways To Make Him Think About You: Bonus Dating Tips!

Dating Tip No. 11: Think of it as a nice night out, have low expectations and just try to have fun. Imagine if every time you are going out on a date you secretly believe that he may be the one, how much pressure you are putting on yourself and your date. And the disappointment afterwards when things are not turning that good. So have in mind that it will be just a date that has potentials but if everything does not turn good it will be ok again.Having that in mind you will be able to relax and enjoy an amazing night.

Dating Tip No. 12: Be sexy in your date, make all the sexy moves and let everything else flow. Have in mind that it is all about the attitude, its not about a specific thing you said or did it is these overall feeling that comes from your inner world and reveals your fun and sexy personality. But do not underestimate the power of image cause the first thing that people pay attention to is your appearance so don’t forget the little tips that I have been sharing with you and never leave the house without your red lipstick and sexy outfit.

In the end let love will do its tricks and after all love is all about magic 😉

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