15 Mistakes That You Need To Do In Your 20s!

Of course you will regret them in the end but what can we do? We are in our 20s!!!

And our 20s are great we can do many mistakes without feeling guilty about anything cause we have a whole life ahead us. It is the most amazing decade and we want to experience everything and everybody is going to forgive us including ourselves. So if you are in your 20s or you feel like you are in your 20s this article is for you!

15 Mistakes That You Need To Do In Your 20s!-2

  1. Fall in love with the wrong guy. You knew it from day one that you should keep yourself away from that guy, but he was so attractive that you could not resist and although you knew that it would be a mistake you simply wanted to make that mistake. It is like seeing a really nice bad that you can not afford but you actually buy it a minute after cause you just have to have it although you will end up broke.
  2. Extreme diets its your thing. Summer is close and you spent the entire winter in your sofa eating junk food and now in 2 weeks you will be on your holidays and you are freaking out. You may end up starving and try all the new diets to come closer to your most desired goal but in the end you are there! 2 weeks later and 5 kilos less that has boost your confidence and now is time to party!
  3. Go straight to work after parting. But you are in your 20s and you can actually do that. It will be really hard to concentrate during the day but it is totally worth the trouble!
  4. Get fired. You thought that it was the dream position for you and after one month you realised that you are in the middle of a nightmare. And finally the day came that they let you go and that was the best thing that it could actually happened. You can now explore different things and you are ready to find a job that will make you happy and you will be passionate with.
  5. Wearing something only because it is fashionable. In reality you know that you will be looking at photos in 5 years and you will be wondering what where you thinking when  you decided to buy and wear that specific outfit. But remember that is one of the photos that will always put a smile on your face.
  6. Be broke in the first week. You never realised how it happened and now you will have to find your way till the end of the month. It was that month that you became so close with your parents, you went for dinner and coffee with them and even for shopping hopping they will end up feeling sorry for you and offer to buy you something and give you some extra money.
  7. Oh my god all that junk food. Remember those days when McDonald’s was your favourite restaurant and all you could eat was burgers, chocolates and ice creams? Those were the days that unfortunately will never come back because back then junk food was not equal with unlimited hours at the gym.
  8. Social Media was my bff. We have all been there, when we just spend 247 on our phone updating and interacting with all our profiles. Even when we were out we preferred the company of our phone.
  9. Stay in a relationship when it was over a long time ago. At that time we thought it was the man of our life, were too insecure to leave, felt safe and loved. No matter what the reason was we were just not ready emotionally to leave and were drugging ourself in relationships that had no future.
  10. Be madly in love with someone that does not care about you. You felt like when Carrie Bradshaw fall in love with Mr Big, she knew that she would never be his priority but she was willing to do anything for him. We all have been there the key is not stay too long in this kind of situation.
  11. Been obsessed with a celebrity. You wanted to wear the same clothes, you would do anything to meet them and you just need to know everything about them. Deep down you just know that it is a phase that you are going through and thank god it did not stay long.
  12. Best friends forever? Not! You had this amazing friend that you adored, you would do anything for her, you were always wanted to share everything and you thought that it would be this one person that you would have in your life forever. But then you realised that as people are growing up are changing and although it took you a while to admit it she stopped been your b.f.f. for a long time now and it is time for you to move on.
  13. Be madly in love. Perhaps it was your first love, you just saw him one day and that was it. Suddenly everything changed it was just you and him in the whole world, nobody else existed. It was your number one priority and you were only happy when you were with him. You were finally living this romantic story that you only thought that it happened in romantic movies, but no you were just there with the love of your life and he was just perfect.
  14. Be a party animal. It was your very first days in uni when you were introduced to the partying life style and it was the best days of your life. All you wanted is just dancing, drinking, partying and spreading love. Cause those were the days of our lives that will stay in our heart forever.
  15. Do not exercise. Is something that you will definitely regret in your 30s and although in your 20s you can not care less to go to the gym later on you will wish you have done it.

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