10 Things You Shouldn’t Say Or Do In The First Months Of Your Relationship!

The first months in a couples life are really crucial and will either be the base of a long term relationship or a really short one. It’s when everything can be misinterpret, your relationship is so fragile cause you actually do not know your partner. Not at all!

So what should you say and what you shouldn’t do in the first months of your relationship? Don’t worry cause we are here to provide you with the best advice for your relationship. So while your partner and you begin to learn bits of your personality, follow our tips and be the girl he always dreamed of.

1. Don’t ask him about his ex. OK, I know that maybe these is the most challenging rule among all but seriously even if you don’t follow the rest try to stick to that one. We all know that past is past and maybe like in Vegas, what happens in the past should stay in the past but unfortunately we don’t follow that advice. Although we know its totally wrong we can not stop thinking about it and we keep looking for hints to uncover his secret previous life. But seriously do we really want to know? What if his ex was a Victoria Super Model, how that would make us feel… Ok 99.9% that won’t happen but still even if we are better than his ex, so what? The important thing is to try to have a relationship where we fill good in and not boost our ego.

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2. Don’t judge his friends. They are his friends, they had good and bad times and after all they share the same past and the same future. So try to be friendly with them and try to keep in mind that every men needs the approval of his friends and you know that it is better to have them on your side.

3. Don’t snoop around. I can start by saying that these is not right and that you have to respect the privacy of your partner but instead I will tell you that at some point you will get caught and it won’t be nice. It will ruin or will put in a big risk the relationship that has not even started. And there is always the risk of misinterpret what you will find and that can cause a big mess!

4. Don’t say anything about marriage. You are in the beginning of your relationship and you actually can’t know if he is the one for you, so why you would even want to mention anything about marriage? The most possible reaction would be that he would start running because of course he can not even understand why somebody would like to spend the rest of his life with someone he doesn’t even know.

5. Don’t mention anything about your ex. Like we said before past is past and most of men don’t even go near that place and especially when they like to believe that they are actually the most important people in your life and you have never felt the same  way before. So imagine now that you spent hours talking about your ex, how you were partying all over the world and doing amazing things or on the other hand about the other guy that you were dating that you had such a boring time with him. What is wrong with that you may tell me, well he will start picturing you with other guys and he will either feel jealous or bad and the blank page that you would suppose to fill in together will not be that blank anymore. In the worst case scenario he will eventually ask you how many ex did you have? And you can never know what is the best answer to that question.

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6. Don’t forget your friends. There were always there in the good and the bad times, they are the ones that gives you a different perspective in things when you were stuck in that awful place and in the end they are who you are, a part of you. So whatever you do try to find some time for them don’t start excluding them from your life. They know you very well, they actually know your strength and weaknesses and in many cases they can guide you and their advice may be crucial for your relationship.

7. Keep having interests. You were these kind of person that you were always doing new things and exploring your limits and then you met him and it was just you and him. Months passed by and the same pattern continued you and him, but at some point this was not enough and you didn’t know why and he felt the same but he didn’t tell you and at some point you started arguing about little stuff… But it could be like that, you met him and it was wonderful and you continued to do amazing things and he as well and whenever you met you were full with energy and you wanted to share your new experiences with him. Besides boys always finds sexy independent girls and always try to impress them!

8. Don’t stop taking care of your appearance. Boys are always boys and what triggers them is appearance. They want their girl to be hot, having nice hair and amazing body so I know that somed  its just not your day but put an effort and try to be beautiful for you and him. Comp your hair, put some make up, wear a nice dress put a smile in your face and have an amazing time with him.

9. Don’t say anything negative about his mum. It is the subject you can not open, its his mum she will always be his special women in his life so whatever you will say you will end up loosing so the best approach you can adopt is just smile and share what you want to say with your best friend.

10. Be sexy! 24 hours per day 7 days per week! Yes, wear you sexy look and have sex everywhere in the future you will remember those first days of your life and you will definitely want them back!

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