10 Signs That Show You That You Need To Break Up

You have been in this relationship probably more than you should, and the last couple of weeks you are having second thoughts about the future of this relationship. If you have doubts do not wait any longer see the 10 Signs that Show You That You Need To Break Up, and prepare yourself for new beginnings.


10 Signs That You Need To Break Up

  1. He makes fun of you. He never takes you seriously, whatever you say, whatever you do you just fell that he is not appreciating your personality. But every person needs to fell loved and appreciated especially from their partner, if you do not fell good in this relationship then step number one is to state him how he makes you feel and if that doesn’t work then this is the right time to start thinking how your life would be outside without him.
  2. He always decide what is the best for you. Even your parents never thought to take decisions for you, they always thought that it would be best for you to decide and now in your adult life you find that someone wants to do that for you. It does not feel right and it is not right no matter what so state your dislike and make clear to him that as much as you like to be loved you really want to be in control of your life and that you appreciate his effort to help you but it would be best if he leave you some space in order for you to decide what is best for you.
  3. You sometimes think that he is your flatmate. You always knew that romance does not last long but you also thought that love is taking its place after that, but now you have found yourself in this awkward position that you spend most of your nights on different sofas watching tv and you feel really bored. Even the rare moments that you discuss it is all about work and what your friends are doing and never about you. You have been missing all the fun and you really want to feel desired again.
  4. You are always breaking up for the same reasons. All your fights and all your break ups are regarding the same subject. It seems like you are repeating the same mistakes and you feel that this relationship is not going anywhere. You are afraid that unless you overcome ones and for all the issues that you have this relationship has no future.
  5. He continues to be flirty and not with you. From the beginning of your relationship you noticed that he was extremely friendly with the other girls but it ddi not seem to bother you. But as time pass by you feel that this behaviour is offending. The one time that you mentioned it he said that you are overacting and that you are jealous. But for you is deeper than that you feel that he does not appreciate you and you do not feel happy so maybe the time has come where you should state ones more your dislike and if that doesn’t work he should consider it as his last warning.
  6. You never go out for a date. Now that you live together he does not find it necessary, but you one the other hand feel that this little things is what makes your relationship maintain its spark. If you are starting to feel that he is turning into your friend and not your boyfriend then you have to have a big conversation on what you want from your relationship and on the other hand what he wants as well.
  7. He doesn’t surprise you anymore. You know what to expect every single second in this relationship and although in the past you have wished for something like that now that you are experiencing it you don’t feel happy. There is a totally different meaning in a stable relationship compared to a boring one and although you feel really safe in this relationship you do not feel happy.
  8. He never make plans for the future, and whenever he does you are not included. That makes you feel really unsafe regarding the future of your relationship. You feel as if you do not share the same dreams and the same future and you feel that you can not invest anymore in this relationship. One the other hand maybe you should discuss about it cause maybe he feels that he doesn’t want to pressure you if he starts making plans that you are included.
  9. He always compare you with his ex. Past belongs to the past and it is better for everybody to keep it that way in order for them to leave the future without any distraction, so if you have already mention to him once that you do not appreciate his attitude cause you do not feel comfortable with such comparisons maybe it is time to let him leave with his past and for you to continue with your life.
  10. He is so negative. Maybe many things has happen in his life that has lead him to always think in a negative way but unless this is something temporary it is really difficult to share your life with someone that he always see the negative aspect of life. If you really love him be prepared to spend the rest of your common life with him in darkness or maybe you can try to bright his life and see how amazing life can be.

Life is she short to spend it in a relationship that you are not happy. You deserve to be happy and if you ca not be with him then it would be best to thank him for all the amazing time that you had and start looking for love in different places.

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