10 Signs That He Takes You For Granted

There is nothing worst in a relationship than when your partner takes you for granted. That can make any woman feel hurt and disappointed with her relationship. See the signs before it is too late and take all the necessary actions.

1. He neglects you. At the beginning it was small things like forgetting little things every now and then. Then he started forgetting your dates or forgetting to call or text you. His behavior bothered you but you didn’t want to make a big deal. But as time passed by these started getting worse now whenever you are out together he hardly speaks at you and he seems to enjoy more been with his friends than with you. He has even started planning his holidays without asking you to join you as he has decided that it would be really fun to go with his friends.

2. He never surprises you anymore. When was the last time that he did something that was not planned for you? Whether that it was a small gesture like buying you your favorite chocolate bar while coming to meet you or planning a special date out for just the two of you. He seems to be so comfortable in his daily routine but you do not feel happy and excited anymore you are starting to feel bored in a relationship where everything is put in these little boxes and you know what will happen in the next minute. After all love is spontaneous and unexpected and in life little unexpected things make your everyday amazing.

3. You never go out on a date just the two of you. Try to remember when it was the last time he asked you to go out on a romantic date that didn’t involve other people. If you can not recall cause every single time you go out with your or his friends then your relationship can be at rocks.   Cause whether you are in the begging of your relationship or you are together for quite a long time it is important every now and then to spend quality time together and remember all the reasons that you love each other.

4. He stopped admiring you. In the beginning of your relationship he was always saying to you how beautiful you are, he always noticed if you were wearing something new and every change you did in your hair. He never bothers to say something flattering and you really hate that. But now you feel that he has taken you for granted and he does not appreciate the girl that he has next to him anymore. You really miss those days that you were surrounded with his love and attention.

5. He is not affectionate the way he used to. He doesn’t hug and kiss you as he used to. At the beginning it was the kiss that he didn’t give you when you met but then it was the hug and then it seems that he is kissing and hugging you less and less. You miss the way you feel when he hugs you where it is only you and him in the whole world. And it is about the feeling of intimacy that makes you feel happy, secure and loved. I bet that if he knew the way you feel  that then he wouldn’t stop hanging and kissing you, don’t you?

6. He is neglecting his appearance. In the last months he has put weight and he seems not to care with the way he is dressed when he is with you cause he feels really comfortable with you. But on the other hand you do not feel the same you have started feeling less for him because he is not attractive anymore. For you appearance plays an important role in your relationship and as much as you want him to feel comfortable with you, you want your partner to want to be in his bests for you.

7. You are always following his schedule. You will go out for drinks with his friends, follow him on his favourite hobbies but when your best friend comes in town he will never have time to join you and he will rarely ask you what you want to do. It seems like that he is more concentrated in himself than your relationship.

8. You feel like you are only connected physically with him. He will only call you and go out with you if that means that you will end up at his place otherwise he will find excuses not to meet you. But you wanted to be in a relationship and although you were straight for what you wanted from these relationship from the begging and he was on the same path you feel like something didn’t work and suddenly you have found yourself in that difficult position.

9. He forgot your birthday. One of the happiest and most important days in the year is our birthday and there is nothing more amazing than waking up and your loved one make this day worth to remember. You deserve to be treated like a princess and take nothing less than that, so if your little prince didn’t make you his top priority for the day as he used to then you need to take some action.

10. He never makes long term plans. Whenever you talk about the future he seems to try to avoid the subject in every possible way that he can and although you really do not know if you would like to be with him for a long time you hate the fact that he is putting a stop to your relationship.

Felling that you are taken for granted makes you feel unhappy but remember there are ways in order to reverse that situation. So do not wait any longer and first talk to him and explain how that makes you feel and what you think about your relationship and ask you to do the same. Otherwise follow the advice of the love experts on Taking You For Granted? Follow The 8 Rules!

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