10 Signs He Thinks About His Ex!

We all have a past and we all definitely have a future, but what happens when the past is messing up with the future and we are wondering if our boyfriend has not left behind his past and the question that it keeps coming on our head is “Does he thinks about his ex?” 

Don’t wonder anymore if he thinks about his ex cause the love experts are here to help you to see the signs.

10 Signs He Thinks About His Ex!

  1. They are friends on Facebook. Maybe he is one of the lets say 10% on the planet that can have a really good relationships and be a real friend with his ex after a break up so he didn’t find any reason to unfriend her from Facebook as she now have a totally different role in his life. But remember 90% can not  be friends after the relationship is finished so try to figure out in which percent your boyfriend belong.
  2. He hasn’t deleted their mutual profile photos. And although it is not his current profile picture it feels quite weird it is as if they are still couple and you feel quite uncomfortable when you are going though his photos as if they are still together. Before you make a scene try to have a gentle approach and remind it him maybe it doesnt mean anything and he just forgot to delete it.
  3. He likes every social activity of her. At some point you realised that he likes every single photo of her ex on Instagram or on Facebook and every post or tweet well then yes that does not sound good but if on the other hand occasionally he likes a post or a photo then do not make a big deal out of it cause it is natural they had a relationship in the past and although they are not together right now they can have a good relationship.
  4. He has her thing at his place. If her things are storage in a box then you have nothing to worry if on the other hand it is like she never left home then maybe your boyfriend dint care to pack them or he doesn’t fell ready to do that. Before you react ask yourself a question are you willing to give him the time and the space to find the balance inside him so as to move on? If you feel that you are too tired to do that nobody can blame you.
  5. He texts her. The first time that you realised that he is texting her was a huge surprise for you but he insisted that it was something really innocent and that it meant nothing more. But you do not feel that this is right and you have every right to feel like that expect if they are testing once per year to exchange wishes on their birthday.
  6. He has her photos on his phone. And that doesn’t sound good, cause why someone would want the photo of his ex on his phone if not to see them every now and then. The other explanation is that he is not good with technology and he doesn’t know what to do although delete is such an easy task.
  7. He goes out with her. They are not out in a romantic date and for them it is quite natural to go out for drinks and share their news, once that you tried to mention that maybe you were not feeling comfortable with that he made you feel like you were a really jealous person. No good news here, if they broke up years ago then ok maybe they are only friends but if they broke up shortly before you met him then maybe you should reconsider if you want to continue to date with him as he should be spending time with you and not with his ex.
  8. He talks to you about his ex. In the beginning you thought that he was really hurt from his previous relationship and that as you had an open relationship he was feeling free to share his past. But he has not stop talking about her ever since, it is like that in this relationship it is you, him and her. Maybe he hasn’t realised how uncomfortable that makes you feel so it is better to make clear to him that past belongs to the past and it is better to stay that way.
  9. He includes her in his plans and you are not included. Every decision that he makes it is based on her wants and needs and not yours it is like he is still in a relationship with her and he is just having a break with you. Do not accept this behaviour cause you deserve to be number one and you should not accept anything less.
  10. He accidentally is calling you with her name. If that happens only once then maybe it is the power of the habit that it is difficult to overcome and although it didn’t sounded good you can forgive him for that cause it was just a mistake. But if on the other hand you have found yourself in that position more than a few times then maybe it is because he can not stop thinking about her. So if this is the case please save yourself the trouble and leave from this relationship that does not lead anywhere. Does he think about his ex? The answer is clearly yes.


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