10 Reasons You Should Date A Tech Geek

As technology is booming tech geeks are not the same they used to be. In the old dates you would be into athletes, models or musicians and you would be too embarrassed to date a tech geek. But this days dating a tech geek would be so cool. Why is that? Ever since Steve Jobs created Apple geeks start becoming more and more interesting and people start to perceive them in a totally different way! And how could they not? They realised that tech geeks are running the world! They are intelligent, sexy, successful and they sure know what they want and how to get it. So for you that did not ever passed of you mind to date a tech geek I have news for you!

10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Tech Geek

  1. He has a lot of possibilities to be successful and even better he may be the next Zuckerberg! There is nothing sexier than a man with confidence that knows what he wants and how to work on that in order to succeed his goals. On the other hand nothing compares to a man full of confidence that knows what he wants and that is you and also knows that he has to work on his relationship in order for both of you to be happy. Finally a man that he is not egoistic and knows that he has to works on his flaws.
  2. He is going to solve all your problems. At least the tech ones, you will never have to worry again about your tech gadgets, he is the man that will be really happy to help you with all this little things that you can’t and you are not willing to understand! For the rest of your problems as problem solver is one of his characteristics you know for sure that he will try to help you.
  3. You will be his goddess. Imagine a guy that all his life was dedicated to technology and then you came in his life and he has eyes only for you. The best gift in his life it will be you and trust me he will find ways to make you understand that.
  4. He is going to be intelligent. It is after all one of the main characteristics of people that are tech geeks, they know all this things and if they do not know them then it is a matter of time to learn it. Imagine how interesting it would be to date with a guy that is eager to explore the world. Besides been around a geek will also help you to open up your eyes to different things and new opportunities.
  5. Passion is his middle name. Do you know how passionate you have to be in order to learn how to code? One of my friends once tall me that coding is like composing music, you have to be passionate and use your imagination in order to perform your best. So prepare yourself to experience a relationship full of passion as it runs all the aspects of their lives.
  6. He will have patient. Cause he has learn to be patient in his life as he knows that big achievements don’t come in a day. So if they are doing something wrong they will try it again following a different approach.
  7. Tech Geeks are accepting. So no more extra effort and stress on your dates, cause they will accept you for who you are and they will not try to change you. As tech geeks were not always as popular as they are in this days they know that acceptance is really important. So no more judgemental behaviour!
  8. He will not be into sports. It is something that tech geeks are not into and neither are you. Finally no more sports nights, a guy that can understand and respect your feeling toward sports!
  9. He is not going to play games. Cause for him 1+1=2 nothing else than that he can not simple understand it. So if you want something just simple say it and he will do the same. If your try to play a mind game with him you are the one that is going to loose cause simple you will confuse him and he will not be able to follow.
  10. He will spoil you. Cause as they are not into relationship once they find their match they will do anything in order for you to be happy as they know how to appreciate their partner. You will be his priority maybe not the number 1 priority cause technology has taken this space but you will be the precious 2, so if you are ok with that prepare to live like a princess.

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