10 Must Do’s After A Break Up

It doesn’t matter who decided to break up, it is still painful for both parties and we are here to help you overcome this difficult period following the 10 easy steps. So are you ready to follow the 10 Must Do’s After a Break Up and continue your life?

break up, how to get over him

Rule No 1: Allow yourself to break. You were together for sometime now and the true is that you had some feeling for him, so don’t expect them to go away in a night just because you just break up with him. Call your best friend for a stay over and share with her everything that you have in your heart. Give yourself the time to realise what it just happen and space to express its sadness and emotions. In the end you will feel better that you did not put an extra pressure to yourself to pretend that nothing happened and you gave him the space and the time that was so important in order to face the new reality and embrace the new life.

Rule No 2: Get rid of anything that reminds him. You loved him more than anything and you had an amazing time while you were in a relationship, so many memories, so many feelings but now you break up and all this belongs to the past so maybe at some point you will go throw the stuff that reminds you the common past that you shared and you will be really happy to remember all the things that you have done but this is not the moment. You need to distant yourself from the relationship that you once loved, so pack all the stuff that reminds him and put them in a box now.

Rule No 3: Start a four weeks detox and by that I do not mean to start a diet but stop communicating with your ex and his friends for four weeks. It will give you time to concentrate on yourself and the distance to evaluate the relationship that you shared and clearness to figure out what you want to do in the future. No matter how difficult it may seem it will help you get over the break up faster.

Rule No 4:  Unfriend him! From every social media that he is your friend! It will save you time from spending your energy on spying on him to see what he is been up to. It is time now to concentrate on yourself but if you are always returning in the past that is not going to help you much. So if that means that you have to unfriend his friends as well please do it and start planning your new life!

Rule No 5: Be open with your friends about your feelings after the break up. Cause they love you and would do anything for you as long they know what you are going through. So do not be embarrassed in showing them your true emotions always have in mind that they are here to help you.

Rule No 6: Confidence is the key. So try something new, go out, meet new people and try to do something that you always wanted but you were too scared to try. You will see that facing your own fears will boost your confidence and help you see things in a different perspective. Besides, your life did not begun when you met him and certainly will not finish because you are no longer together.

Rule No 7: Plan a trip. Trips are always the best way to know ourself better and to change our mood. Planning will make you feel excited and will give you something to look forward. The company will be very important so take with you either your best friend or a person that puts a smile on your face. Changing scenery will help you see thing differently and will give you  moments of hapiness.

Rule No 8: Buy new beddings and get rid of the ones you shared, it will make you feel better and there is no case that they will remind you of his smell and the time that you shared. After all we are girls that we love too shop.

Rule No 9: Start sweating at the gym or maybe it is time to get a new hobby. It will not only help you to meet other people but it will also boost your confidence and how about that amazing body you are going to have in a short period!

Rule No 10: Change your look. Pay a visit to your favourite saloon and start pampering yourself. You will fell so refreshed and relaxed and it will help you realise how beautiful and sexy you are. So are you ready for it?


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