Love Quotes for Heartbroken Lovers

Heartbroken love quotes for those that have loved deeply but were disappointed with their other half the following are love quotes that are coming directly from a heartbroken soul.Every time you think that things will be different and that you might find the love of your life. But love isn’t an easy game that always ends with a happy ending. Sometime you feel that you gave too much in your relationship and you end up heartbroken. The following 20 heartbroken love quotes are for those love soul that will never stop looking for love.

Heartbroken Love Quotes

Heartbroken Love Quotes

1. I love you deeply but treat me right cause I am gone.
2. A love without respect is not love it is something else.
3. I love you less and less this days and that hurts me a lot.
4. Love is a constant game of happiness if you lose the moment the love may not come again.
5. I have been trying a lot for this relationship but you have to try more in order to keep our love.
6. Love is so pure and strong but on the other hand so fragile to keep as time passes by.
7. You once told me that you will love me forever I just want you to live me this moment and forever will come.
8. Don’t underestimate me cause I love you just respect my love and love me back.
9. The words can not describe my feelings and my broken heart.
10. I am lost in my love from you and I want to get back what we used to have.
11. Once upon a time a lover gave all his love and he end up heartbroken.
12. I love you stronger that you think but my love can not be taken for granted.
13. A lover once said the minute that I will realise that you love me less I will be gone.
14. No matter what you say, no matter what you do I know that you love me less and less.
15. Don’t tell me that you love me just prove it.
16. Words are just words but a lover can not be fooled by them.
17. You are my prince but I want to be your princess as well.
18. I deserve to be happy and if this love can not provide me with happiness then I shall look for the real love.
19. Don’t be childish you said and I felt that my whole world collapsed, only if you could love me like I do..
20. I gave you the world you said but you never really loved me my love.

Heartbroken love quotes are for those who believe in real love and just want to be happy! If you are not sure if he loves you should read our amazing article “He loves me, he love me not!”

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