40 Love Quotes For Her!

Love, what is love, how you can define it and how can you put in words they way you feel about her. Sometimes it is so difficult to express your feeling and find the best love quote that express they way you feel about her. For centuries everyone from poets to ordinary people everyone is trying to define the feeling of love.

Search no more, we have the best 40 Love Quotes for her. Select the love quote that speaks in your heart and share it with your special princess.

  1. No matter what happens in life you will always be my number one priority and you will always have a special place in my life and in my heart.
  2. Love is unexpected and finally now I know how amazing life can be and that is because of you.
  3. I can’t fall asleep at nights and the reason is that I am afraid that if I close my eyes I will wake up from our dream love and I will loose you.
  4. I never thought that such girls existed, the ones that takes your breath away and make your heart go crazy.
  5. I never believed in destiny but now I know that everything that happened in my life was to prepare me for your love.
  6. It only took one second, you looked deep in my eyes and immediately stole my heart.
  7. I know that I could live without you, but I also know that my life would then be so empty.
  8. I thought that paradise didn’t really exist but now I know that the only word that describe exactly our relationship is paradise.
  9. I am weak without your love. Love me back and I will be the strongest person in the planet.
  10. My life was full of clouds and then you came my sunshine and my life has been perfect ever since.
  11. You are the cutest person in the planet and the best part is that you are mine.
  12. I want you to love me as much as you can and I in return will give you the stars.
  13. Our love can take us to the moon, why stay on earth?
  14. Your love has heal my broken hurt and gave me the strength to love again.
  15. My love for you is deeper than the ocean and brighter than the stars.
  16. You are my favourite secret, the one that I do not want to be revealed cause I want you only for myself.
  17. I want to hold your hand, look into your eyes and say to you how much I Love You.
  18. I will be close to you whenever you want me and keep my distances in order for you to be free my love.
  19. Our love was my biggest secret wish and I always thought that if I kept believing that you would come in my life . I am so happy that I never gave up!
  20. I still remember how nervous I felt the moment that I said that I love you.
  21. When I am feeling alone I look at the stars and I know that at the same time you look at them and that makes me feel connected to you.
  22. Love can be painful, hard, full of disappointment, bad moments but on the other hand it just take a moment of love to make you feel whole and drive you to the moon,
  23. Your love is the most amazing feeling that I could live and I wouldn’t change it for the whole world.
  24. I knew that I have to follow what my heart wants and that is you.
  25. No matter how much I am trying to put logic in my feelings I realise that I can do nothing else but to love you.
  26. There are millions reasons that I can thing why we should be together but I will tell you only one, that I Love You.
  27. The times that you are not next to me I keep wondering why, cause for me the only logical thing is to be with you day and night.
  28. I knew that I would love you the moment I looked at you, cause till that moment I had never looked anyone in that way before.
  29. I now know that whatever happened in my life before I met you happened to prepare me for the biggest love of my life.
  30. The moment you told me that you love me has the happiest moment of my life.
  31. You know that I am not with words the only thing that I am best to is loving you.
  32. It is never too late to meet the love of your life, the one and only most amazing woman on earth You.
  33. Without you at some point maybe I could be happy but I wouldn’t be complete.
  34. The times I am not with you I realise how much I love you baby and that my life is just amazing with you.
  35. You are the love of my life and I want to shout it in the world.
  36. I want to be everything you want and make you the happiest girl in the planet cause you deserve to be happy.
  37. I was the most cynical guy on the planet and then you came and you brought out all the romantic elements that they were hidden inside me.
  38. Tell me what it takes to make you mine for ever cause I am willing to do anything for you in order to make you happy.
  39. My love for you is getting bigger and bigger every day and just when I am thinking that I could not love you more than that your smile proves me wrong.
  40. Just trust me, hold my hand, love me and together we will live the biggest romantic adventure in the world.

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