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In life we want to be surrounded with people and thoughts that inspire us. Start your day with a beautiful inspirational quote, select your special quote of the day and let positive vibes surround you. Or pick one of the following inspirational quotes and  share it with your loved ones. Haven’t you picked a quote yet?

1. We are looking for hope in the most bizarre places when we only have to look inside us.
2. The only limit in life is your fears.
3. When you have a difficult day just remind yourself the person you want to become.
4. Our life is the most amazing journey.
5. Give yourself the time you need to understand where you want to go.
6. Try not to be perfect, try just to leave your life.
7. Set high goals and start thinking like you are already there.

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inspirational quotes, quotes, quote of the day, positive quotes

When you have a difficult day just remind yourself the person you want to become

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8. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy in thinks that doesn’t matter, focus on the important ones.
9. Loving yourself is the most important lesson in life.
10. Try to be surrounded by positive people and keep negativity out of your life.
11. Start your day with a positive thought and you will definitely have an amazing day.
12. Remember when you were a kid and adopt the innocence that you are missing in order to enjoy real life.
13. A day without laughter is a wasted day, so stop wasting your days!
14. Make every day a celebration you totally worth celebrating every single day.
15. Fancy things will make you happy for a few moments, internal balance will make you happy for life.
16. Every time you are trying you are coming closer to your target.
17. Everything is possible as long as you believe that you can do it.
18. A lifetime goal is a sum of small goals. So stay focus on your small goals and you will succed your lifetime goal without even realising it.
19. If nobody gives you an opportunity, try to create one for yourself.
20. If you do not try you will never now if you were able to succeed.
21. Today I choose to be happy and nothing is going to stand in my way.

 Today I choose to be happy and nothing is going to come in my way

If you do not try you will never now if you were able to succeed

inspirational quotes, quote of the day, positive quotes, quotes
22. You can overcome everything just stay positive and you will find the way.
23. Have your eyes and hurt open and amazing things will happen in your life.
24. If nothing seems to work take a step back and adopt a different approach.
25. You only need one person to believe in you in order to make your dreams come true and that person is you.
26. Fill your life with colour and you will immediately see how beautiful life can be.
27. Happiness is hiding behind moments find your special moments and lock them in your hurt.
28. Find your passions and make them your life in order to be happy.

inspiration quotes, quote of the day, positive quotes

inspiration quotes, quote of the day, positive quotes
29. Nobody knows better than you the way to be happy.
30. The only think that you need in life is your friends and your passions.
31. In order to make other people happy you first need to be happy yourself.
32. Don’t waste time with people that doesn’t smile.
33. Follow your passions and success will come.
34. Nobody is going to believe in you if you don’t believe first in yourself.
35. Knowing your strengths will take you half way, identifying your weaknesses will take you to the moon.
36. Our dreams are our most valuable assets, treat them as deserved as the most valuable asset you have.
37. You are a star ready to shine, focus on the people that can see that.

inspiration quotes, quote of the day, positive quotes

38. Don’t loose another day with negative thoughts life is extremely valuable and short.
39. Safety is an illusion, take your chances and live your life.
40. The most valuable things is your dreams.
41. Your dreams and your hard work can take you anywhere.
42. Redefine yourself stop the must and have to, life is too short.
43. If you are not happy with your life stop and start changing the way you think.
44. Logic can take you halfway, your dreams and work can make you a champion.
45. Don’t forget where there is a will there is a way.
46. I want to be remembered for the life that I have lived.
47. Every time I look at the stars I realise that a whole world is out there full of opportunities and happiness.
48. Experiences are define us not fear, leave your dreams.
49. People are irreplaceble and unique as relationships.
50. Too late doesn’t exist in my vocabulary it is like saying that I am too late for happiness.
51. Every night I am closing my day with a happy thought and when I wake up that happy thought follows me.
52. You have to decide what life you want to live. Choose happiness.
53. Start your day with a smile.
54. Whatever happens in life be sure that with a positive attitude you can overcome them.
55. Start looking for your personal stars that will be there shinning whenever you will need them.
56. All you need in life is love and friends, the rest will come.
57. All we need is someone to inspire us, then we can achieve anything.
58. Set your goals no matter how crazy they seems to be and go for them.
59. Your best friend is going to laugh with you in happy days and confer you whenever you need them.
60. Take a break from routine and start planning and leaving your ideal life cause after all life is too short in order to adopt routine.
61. Nothing is impossible as long as you stay focus and work hard.
62. Change your attitude and your word will change.
63. Believe that you can do that and you will see that soon you will be there.
64. Today I choose to be happy, cause everything is a matter of attitude.
65. The power of imagination takes us to places that we could never thought that we could go.
66. At some point something amazing is going to happen, be ready for it.
67. Stop putting limits in your life and let yourself embrace success and happiness.
68. Happiness is contagious.
69. The world is full of magic all you need in order to see that is your childhood innocence.
70. We want so many things in life but in reality we need so little to be happy.
71. Don’t focus in your weaknesses focus in all things you can do and you have achieved.

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